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The Magic Seal :

You are the proud, strong and resourceful Prince of a distant, beautiful land... but not all is well in your magical kingdom. A sinister wizard kidnapped your beloved son and hid him amongst countless confusing mazes, deadly monsters and cunning traps. Now, only you can save the boy from your enemies - and it will take all of your courage, skill and intelligence to make it home safely.

  Easy to play : 

Magic Seal is extremely easy to play. The main controls are really simple...
    Arrow Keys: for moving around
    Space         : Shows the depth of holes in the current room
    Left Alt       : Makes the game run faster
    Left Ctrl      : Makes the game run a lot faster
    F1               : Self destruct (useful if you have done something terribly wrong)
    ESC             : brings up the menu

  Loads of fun : 

The Magic Seal combines beautiful (Pre-rendered 3D) graphics, challenging puzzles and exciting action with the charming throwback spirit of 1980s fantasy games. Guide the good Prince through the mystifying castle of the evil Wizard and watch the adventure unfold as you collect the Magic Crystals that can free your son. You will explore more than 170 rooms filled with puzzles, monsters,  traps, secret areas and other features that only you can unlock. The dazzling, pre-rendered 3D graphics run at 800 by 600 resolution with more than 65,000 colors to mesmerize you. But, be warned the puzzles become trickier as you move forward.  As you solve them all, don't be surprised if the hours fly by filled with irresistible entertainment


3.7 MB

6.95 MB ($24.95)

  Game features : 

More than 170 rooms of challenging and extremely addictive puzzles.

Build your own levels with the level editor.

Totally original concept and interface.

Pre-rendered 3D graphics, running at 800 by 600 resolution with more than 65,000 colors.

Nonlinear game play allowing you to explore freely.

Multi-step, ever-increasing problems to solve.

60 day money back guarantee.

Get the chance to play the castles built by other players.

  System requirements : 

300Mhz or better
16MB of RAM or better (32 recommended)
4MB VGA (8MB recommended)
DirectX 7 or better
Win 9x/ME/2000/XP

  The Magic Seal awards : 



Brother Soft

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  Tips & Secrets :
These tips may prove useful if you are still a newcomer to the game...
Try to collect all keys you find! Actually, you don't have to take all keys to finish the game(there are extra keys), but it will save you from the nuisance of running out of keys, and getting back, looking for keys! (NB: Green keys are not essential! so, if they are really hard to get, you can safely ignore them! see "Secrets" below)
Try to collect the fruits you find in your way. For every 20,000 of score, you get an extra life!
It is always good to know the depth of holes, when you first enter a room! To know the depth of holes in the current room, press and hold space bar.
When you get out of a room, and return to it, everything returns to its original location! You can use this fact, if you do something wrong and need to start a puzzle over.
Save often!! And, if you are not sure you are doing right, save on a different slot! You might need to get back to an old save later!
Secret rooms don't appear on the map. but if you discover them, they appear as dim blue rooms in the map, to indicate they are secret rooms.
There are many forms of secrets, may be a wall can be pushed. may be there is a hidden switch somewhere. There is always a hint on the secret. You can always guess that there is a secret here. The hints can be quite obvious (a heart is trapped inside walls from all sides), or can be quite hard to spot (a certain fruit pattern, or boxes arranged in a special way, and so on...)
Green keys are always keys to secrets! so, whenever you see a green key, or a green door, you know immediately this is related to a secret.
You never need to discover a secret to finish the game. You can finish the game without discovering any secrets at all, but it's great fun to find them (and they can be of great help, providing you with extra lives, and score. May be more!)
There are 4 secrets in the shareware version, by the way!

3.7 MB

6.95 MB ($24.95)

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