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Pharaohs' Curse Gold :

Pharaohs' Curse Gold is a platform game mixed with cool puzzles, in fact, the main focus is on the puzzle elements. In this game you can use drills, hammers, picks and shovels to break  the  tiles that guard the gold. When you collect all the gold in a given level, the exit door unlocks and you can go to the next level.

  Easy to play : 

Pharaohs' Curse Gold is very easy to learn and play, yet very fun. There are no complicated instructions. Just use the Arrow keys to move and the Space key to jump or use tools. You can even select a tutorial option to let the computer shows you how to play. There are many different ways to solve the puzzles, but if you ever get stumped, you'll never have to waste your time searching for hints online. The solution is only a key press away! Just press F8 and the computer will solve the level right before your eyes! (Prepare yourself for great fun).

  Loads of fun : 

Pharaohs' Curse Gold has 70 levels of cool and creative puzzles to provide you with loads of fun. You can also create your own levels, resulting in virtually unlimited replay value. You will definitely enjoy the great, colorful and cheerful graphics of the game. You will feel like you are living in an ancient Egyptian atmosphere because of the great music  themes.


3.7 MB

Requires Internet Explorer

6.1 MB ($19.95)

  Game features : 

Play 70 fun and challenging levels.
Gain access to the solution REPLAY feature (See the whole solution playback for any level).
Battle against new types of mummies that jump, roll, and turn into stone.
Enjoy and use new puzzle elements like:
   - New weapons to stop mummies.
   - New types of doors.
   - New items you can use to solve the levels.
60 day money back guarantee.

Listen to amazing tracks of high quality theme music.
See all 12 different and unique world themes.
Create and Save your own levels in the easy to use Level Editor.
Automatically records solutions when you play your custom levels.

Play in Full screen, Window or Stretched window.
Get free hints and tips.
Plus other secrets and surprises.

  System requirements : 

200Mhz or better
16MB of RAM or better (32 recommended)
4MB VGA (8MB recommended)
DirectX 7 or better
Win 9x/ME/2000/XP

  Pharaohs' Curse awards : 




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  Game reviews : 

"Pharaohs’ Curse is a great puzzle-solving game that will offer you many hours of challenging game play. Its low system requirements make it accessible to just about anyone with a PC that can run Windows 95, and the simple game play and colorful graphics will appeal to both kids and adults alike. What really amazes me is that this little 2D arcade puzzle game has provided me with just as much fun as many of the $50 titles that come across my desk".

Mark Smith - Game Chronicles


"Pharaohs' Curse is a well thought out game with simple controls, great music and graphics.  It is a challenging, fun and relaxing game to play.  With the ability to create your own levels and play levels created by other players, it is sure to be entertaining for a long time."

Robert Wade - Digital Diversions


“Ancient Soft delivers a great platformer with challenging puzzles, an enjoyable soundtrack and a built-in level editor.”

 Game du Jour

"One of my favorite things about this game is the way that both the graphics and music are used to really give the game that ancient Egyptian feel. It really does a good job of setting the scene and getting the player into the mindset of a tomb raiding adventurer. The full version of the game comes with over 60 fairly large levels which should be enough to keep anyone busy for a good few weeks, and even then with the use of the built in level editor, you can continue your adventures by creating your own tombs to plunder! A very solid game that's definitely worth a look."

Mark Hewitt - Good PC Games


3.7 MB

Requires Internet Explorer

6.1 MB ($19.95)

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