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Technical support : 

If you have any problems running one of our games then please, read the following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) carefully as this FAQ may fix your problem. If the following FAQ did not help then please email our technical support.

What version of DirectX should I have installed?

What the hell is DirectX anyway? (you ask), DirectX is a Microsoft developed library for making games run very smooth and utilize the computer hardware efficiently, it was designed to replace DOS which was better in running games back then. Well, you need DirectX version 7 or newer to be able to run our games, you can get the latest version of DirectX here.

I got a "Illegal memory address" message, what is that?


It seems you have a less than 4MB of video memory or your VGA card is not DirectX compatible.

I still can not run the game?


Try exit/close all the programs running or which has an icon in the taskbar, if you still can not run the game then contact our technical support.

The game is running extremely fast, what is going on?


It seems you have VSync enabled, you can disable by right click on the windows desktop then choose Properties then click on settings tab then Advanced button. You may also change it from your computer setup.

I lost my game copy, how can I get another one?


Just email technical support with your name and email used to purchase it and we will email you another link.

I am stuck with a level in Pharaohs' Curse?

Just press F8 to see the computer solution of that level.

The Play Level button in the Level editor does not work?

It only works in Full version.

Is it possible to see the whole level of a Pharaohs' Curse level?

Yes, just press F3 to see the Level map, you can press F1 for Help too.
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